Seoyeon Jang

[sʌjʌn dʑaŋ], she/her
Ph.D. Student in Linguistics, UC San Diego



My research interest lies in the interface between syntax, semantics, and pragmatics cross-linguistically. Currently, with Dr. Ivano Caponigro, I am working on Korean question constructions: echo questions, in particular. Korean distinguishes echo questions, in addition to the sentence-final high intonation, by a sentence-final complementizer -tako (sometimes romanized as -dago), which is different from canonical interrogative complementizers such as -ni. In my second-year project, I have proposed a novel formal semantic analysis of the Korean echo question complementizer -tako.

Before coming to UC San Diego, I studied at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, Korea. With Dr. Hanjung Lee, I conducted acceptability judgment experiments on dative verbs in English and Korean. On English dative verbs, I investigated the effect of event structural meaning on syntactic alternation (DO-IO or IO-DO). On Korean dative verbs, Dr. Lee and I examined variation in case marking on recipients and presented the results at the LSA Annual Meeting in 2018.



Spring 2021: LIGN 130 Semantics
Office Hours: Thursdays at 1:00PM & Fridays at 11:00AM (PST)

Previous Quarters

  • Winter 2021: LIGN 8 Languages and Cultures of America
  • Summer II 2020: LIGN 101 Introduction to the Study of Language
  • Spring 2020: LIGN 130 Semantics
  • Winter 2020: LIGN 119 1st and 2nd Language Learning: Childhood through Adolescence
  • Fall 2019: LIGN 101 Introduction to the Study of Language
  • Spring 2019: HDS 120 Language Development
  • Winter 2019: LIGN 174 Gender and Language
  • Fall 2018: LIGN 8 Languages and Cultures of America

Things I love

I love watching movies! My favorite director is Wang Kar-wai; I love all his films, but what I love the most is Happy Together (1997), starring Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing. Other than Wong Kar-wai's works, I tend to be attracted to Asian films with minority narratives--women, LGBTQ+, and children. My recent favorites are Moonlit Winter (Lim Dae-hyung, 2019) and Our Body (Han Ka-ram, 2018). If you'd like to know more about these films, click the pictures below.


s7jang [at] ucsd [dot] edu

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